SO yesterday, our daughter Gabby (7 year old) decided to become entrepreneur
and it literally went VIRAL on facebook:
over 150 likes and 80 comments

Go check out video on facebook my wife posted:

You see, its not about how old you are or how young
its all about:

Your DESIRE for better things in life
Your WILLINGNESS to step up

This is what my wife Anna said about this (quote)
"So something incredible just happened!

Gabby had made another sale!

Yesterday as I took kids to the park we couldn't help but notice all the blooming field flowers.

We decided to take some and make a bouquets. I made one and so did Gabby (my 7 year old daughter).

By the time we came home she tells me; Mommy, we should sell these beautiful bouquets!" I said - "why not"

We put up a sign on a white board "Flowers for Sale" and made a nice arrangement display.

While making all the arrangements , both Grandmas said to us: "who in the world would buy these Flowers, which anyone can just pick up on the field?"

I said: "just wait and see!"

Well, yesterday she sold 3 bouquets, one for $3 the other $2 and one more for a buck.

Today, first thing in the morning my daughter said to me when she woke up was: "Mommy let's go get more flowers and make more bouquets!"

And that's exactly what we did right after breakfast, we walked to the field and started getting those flowers, from which I helped her make another 10 bouquets.

Literally right after Lunch, few minutes ago we made another sale!

We sold one bouquet of flowers for $5.00

The moral of this story guys....

Don't ever pay attention to "Naysayers!"


Believe in your confidence of making a sale! 

Teach your kids to stand for they want in life and get paid for it!"
Anna Z

You see, my friend, your kids will always follow in your steps,
TEACH the young, how to be INDEPENDENT
from whats going on in economy, by teaching them
how to create THEIR OWN economy and be a TOP PRODUCER
and CREATOR of their own FUTURE!

How do you do that, you ask?

Teach them how to SELL what they are PASSIONATE about!
BE their go-to MENTOR.

You are asking for a SHORTCUT, how to be a TOP PRODUCER?

Glad you asked, my friend :)

My personal mentor, who taught me how to become TOP PRODUCER,
who taught me how to recruit over 1300 people into my opportunity in less than 2 years
who taught me how QUIT my dang DAY-JOB
and retire my wife Anna from corporate world at very tender age
and stay home with our wonderful kids Gabby and Maxim,

is doing SOMETHING you canNOT afford to miss:

a private WEBCAST where he will reveal all the secrets, tactics,
practical HOW-TO become TOP PRODUCER in any company
as fast as humanly possible!

If I were you and really wanted to be BEST example for your family,
I would drop everything and GRAB a SEAT, while you still can, on this up-coming
webcast event (seats will be gone very shortly, I am sure):

-=>  RESERVE your seat here

Alex and Anna
"Your Freedom Fighter family"

PS. Actually, we are doing sneak-peek behind the scenes
hangout tonight, which you cant afford to miss, at 9PM EST (6PM pst).

Tune in at 9PM EST right here.

well before you get all excited... I realized its just a NIGHTMARE I had last night:

I dont have a boss or boardroom to go to, thanks GOD and thanks to my DECISION I made few years back to join our FREEDOM movement:

END RESULT you ask?


And best thing is: you CAN do it too!

I just posted this on Facebook and people already going crazy with comments and likes, go ahead comment here on Facebook:


Why live and work for someone else for the WEEKEND? 


When you can have EVERYDAY as a WEEKEND!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and SUNDAY are ALL EQUAL!


Perhaps its time for you to rethink your priorities in life:

do you love your BOSS or YOUR FAMILY?


Do you have more than one life to live like a cat?


You live only ONCE. Stop denying the truth.

JOBS are for BROKE people.


START living your LIFE here:


PS. Disclaimer: jumping with GIANT BALLS into your board meeting might not fly and likely not too much fun. Then again you can try Or maybe just maybe, you are the one who is done with silly excuses why you CANT achieve FREEDOM and SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED?


You have a choice to make my friend: is it going to be RED or BLUE pill?


If you are an MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales Leader (or even an Affiliate Marketing or Sales Leader), or have any type of following or network that you want to lead to massive, massive success in the next 30-90 days...

...carve out 30 minutes & watch the video above with Empower Network Co-Founder David Wood. 

Trust me, if this were not worth your time, I would not have sent you here.

 A few things you may not know about Empower Network.

Empower Network has now paid its Affiliates over $100,000,000 in Commissions, has over 40 people who've made at least $250,000, 100 people who have made 6 figure income, and have over 30,000 who have earned at least one single commission marketing our products. (no income guarantees of course, see our earnings disclaimer)

So, watch the video above, and if it makes sense to you, and you want to be a part of what I believe will be THE biggest sponsoring & recruiting frenzy in many, many years... me directly, or just go ahead and get started here

If you want to see the video that many of use to market online, go here. 

In any case, watch the video with David Wood to hear about the play we are about to run, and get ready, because it's going to be tremendous for thousands & thousands more people who see it, believe it, and want to run hard & fast with us. 

Either way, get in touch with me for any questions or just to connect.  

Will talk soon,
Alex Zubarev


Office 718-490-1559

Please see our official income disclaimer here

Watch the video - and if you are either in my personal team already - or are joining it, please fill in ther form, send the accompanying information, and --- LET'S DO THIS.

Download the form here (I describe in the video - if anyone sends this who does not watch the video, I won't respond - thanks)

If you're not already in, you can join Empower Network & "PROSPERITY TEAM" by following the direction here.

* If that form doesn't download, let me know in the comments.

See you on the inside,

Alex Zubarev

Personal Message From Dave & Dave

Personal Message From Dave & Dave

Hey everyone!

This is an important announcement, and figured - to do it right, we need a message from both Dave Sharpe and myself.  


So rather than a long story, or my normal ramblings - I figured I’d get right into it with the message from Sharpe, and come back and share my thoughts on it.


Here we go:


————————Personal message from David Sharpe—————————


As many of you know from my recent public announcement, I have Hepatitis-C. The virus levels in my body are high enough to be taken very seriously, and in order to treat my illness and heal my body I need to dedicate myself to proper rest, both mentally and physically as well everything else that comes along with this type of medical treatment. 


As I said in my last public announcement, the good news is, I can beat it. The chances of being completely cured are good. However, I have to sacrifice certain things in order to give my recovery the attention it needs. For this reason, I’ve made the decision to step down as co-founder of Empower Network.


The most common question I’ve gotten from people is “why don’t you just take a few months off and come back when you’re all healed up?”. I considered that. However, as a fellow over-achieving, action taking, hustling, roll-your-sleeves-up and get-r-done kind of person – you can probably understand – there is no “medium speed” for me. I’m either “all in” or ”all out”. 


Right now my life is depending on my self-honesty, and my attention needs to be 100% focused on my health. 


I love you all and I am going to miss you.


The company has never been stronger. The infrastructure is solid, because we’ve worked very hard the last 2.5 years to build it that way. Dave Wood and CEO Jonathan Cronstedt are fully capable of leading this company into the next phase of growth. With that, I’m confident my departure will in no way cause any issue with the company continuing to grow on the path it’s been on since it launched.


Before I go, I wanted to publically thank a few people...


Erin, my fiancé – You’re the heart behind the heart of David Sharpe. You and our daughter, Bailee are the reason I do everything I do and I love you with all my heart. 


Dave Wood - Your heart is in it for the people – that’s a fact. You’re a true leader and a bold game-changer in this profession. I respect your vision, heart and perseverance. Working with you has been one hell of a ride, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. We’ve done things together no one thought were even possible (let alone from a couple of ex-homeless outcasts working on cluttered desktops with nothing but a dream and a tenacious drive to change people’s lives). Thank you so much for supporting me with all your heart through this challenging time in my life. 


Jonathan Cronsted - From the first time I spent the day with you I knew you were one of the smartest guys I’d ever met. What I didn’t know was how much you loved your wife, Nicole, how hard you were willing to work for something you believed in, and the length at which you were willing to go to get the job done. In the short time you’ve been with Empower, I’ve learned a ton from you, but what I’ve learned more than anything - is Empower Network is lucky to have ya. When you came in, our business had some “cancer”...and you were the “chemo”. Thank you for reminding me what it means to be a true professional.


The Corporate Staff - You’re the true unsung heroes at Empower. The ones who wake up early and come to work with a smile on your faces regardless of what’s going on in your personal lives and you serve people with all of your heart. Each one of you make up a team who is willing and eager to do things most modern gladiators would cry about...and you thrive in one of the most high-demand environments someone could work in. That makes you worthy of a major “shout out”. I appreciate you. Empower Network wouldn’t be Empower Network without you.


The leaders, who have been here since the beginning - Words can’t express how much your love and support means to me through this difficult time. It has been a pleasure to “lock arms” with you over the last few years. You are without a doubt the most talented and passionate group of leaders I’ve ever worked with, and you’ve all changed my life in one way or another. Thank you for your love and loyalty. 


The new and up-and-coming leadership of Empower Network - I want you to recognize something here. When Dave and I started this company several years ago the goal has been to empower people. To help them find freedom and empower them to build a business, and have a life.


Right now, I’m in a position that I personally need that freedom. I need to be able to focus on my saving my life and because of the heart and passion of the vision, and the level of leadership in this company, I’m able to step down and focus on my health.


I want you to know that possible here. Whatever your dream is…whatever your goal is… whatever you want to do with your life…you can be empowered to do it.


So dream. Dream big! And work your ass off like your life depends on that dream. You never know - one day it might.


I love you all. It’s YOUR time.


~ David Sharpe


————————Personal message from David Wood—————————


A couple of things I wanted to say:


Dave - love ya brother.  I’ve had a lot of fun over the last couple of years.  Starting this off from a hand shake over a worn out, messy table in my old home in Portolon, Costa Rica - we’ve grown this company to 300,000 customers, and over $100 million in sales in a little over 2 years, creating 11 million dollar earners — and a new one popping every month or so these days.


Freakishly awesome, if you ask me.  Really though - it’s just the start.


I’m just here to support you man.  I wanted to say:


Thank you.


I love you.


And we’re all here to bless you.  Get better.


You know, when I had the idea this company - it wasn’t for myself.  I was already making more money than I even really cared for.  I started it to help other people live their dreams, break through the barriers that hold them back, and step into a new and beautiful future.


In that process, I’ve seen amazing things — that honestly, blow my mind.


With you, to me this is a fulfillment of my dream, because even though I’ve loved working with you — Empower Network has now Empowered you to do something that you may have never been able to do without it…


… to take the time, energy, and money required to save your life, and step into a new and beautiful future.


I love you man.  Thank you for being a part of my life.


To Empower Network:


We both wanted you to know that the vision is here to stay, grow, and prosper.  I’m here.  The leadership all has known about this for a time - and is more unified than ever.  The corporate leadership is unified, behind the message - with a bigger vision than ever.


I love you guys.


My dream - is to help you live yours.  To help you create something you’ve never been able to create.  To build the richest team - in the world, and the most transformational - and powerful.


It’s my request that you send love, prayers, and good energy towards Dave.  He’s been (and will continue to be) one of my best friends in the world.  


The most beautiful thing in life - and what we all need from each other, is love unconditional.  Not measured.  Not based on rules.  Love because our hearts are built to give.


Empower Network is here to Empower you.   It is here to Empower our leaders.  It is here to Empower the people who work for the company - the corporate leadership from our CEO, Jonathan Cronstedt, all the way down to the janitor who cleans the offices.


EVERYONE matters here.


They are all important.


David Sharpe played a powerful, important role in my life, and I’m thankful.


I wanted ALL of you to know this is all on good terms, with positive energy, with David Sharpe and I having an intention to continue lifting each other up, lifting you up, and lifting up the people around us.


Give him a shout out in the comments, and congratulate him on facing something that 


I wanted to thank YOU for being a part of my dream.


I wanted to thank YOU for letting me be a part of yours.


Whether that’s to live on a beach, get rich, or just…


…be able to save your own life - I am here, we are here - only to lift you up.


Dave - love ya brother.  


Thank you for being who you are.



David Wood


P.S.  Listen to the announcement call in this post - and thanks for being awesome.  I’m looking forward to taking this vision, along with the leadership council, the up and coming leadership — and YOU — to a whole new level, together.  You rock.


P.P.S.  Some of our leaders wanted to share personal thoughts with you and Dave:


"David Sharpe is one of the most loving, generous, fiercely loyal and on-purpose people we’ve ever met.  It would be impossible to overstate the impact he’s had on our business . . .but also on our family.  (The first thing our 7-year-old son wants to know when we get to an event is “Where’s Sharpe?!”)  

"David, you’ve got our support and we’re looking forward to seeing you overcome this challenge just like you’ve overcome so many in the past!  Thanks for being who you are!  We love you."

~ Tony & Jessica Rush, Will, Pate and Easton

"Our best friends in life, are those who we feel our best when we're around. 
David Sharpe has been one of those people not just for me, but for thousandsof our family of friends & business partners.  Regardless of where Dave goes orwhat he does in the future, we will always remember what he's done for us andappreciate the friendship we've shared over the years." 


~ Aaron Rashkin

"Thank you David Sharpe for your contributions.  I love you for how you have changed the industry... and we at the Tam family and our team love you."

~ Lawrence Tam

"From the start of Empower Network, David Sharpe brought the "urban" energy, the realness of life to the EN community and the heart of the person who wasn't perfect to the table.  I did not know Sharpe at the inception of the company, as David Wood was my friend and colleague for a couple years prior, but ironically it was him who stopped me in that Orlando hotel hallway telling me how "Sharpe" (no pun on words) he thought I was and how he wanted to share something with me.

"Thank God I listened!

"As time went on we got to know each other, shared laughs and tears, traveled to many places, grew together, watched a company we both love soar, witnessed people progress personally and financially and now I have to accept that Dave has too been EMPOWERED to face and confront healing and the process that comes with it.

"As I share on behalf of my organization and maybe many others inside our EN community, I just want to publicly express my support, my undying love and JOY for you Dave!

"Who you are has changed my life and that of many others.  Know that we love you brother, we love Erin and appreciate her for being part of your life, and we def love Bailee!!

"Thank you for your imprint on Empower Network.  I will continue to carry the lighted torch of FREEDOM amongst this Army of Badasses we still consider you the General of.

We will make you proud, we will prevail..we WILL Empower the world to be better people!"

~ Tracey Walker

"Dave Sharpe, our heart goes out to you man…
"...thank you for your HEART
"...thank you for your VISION
"...thank you for your ENERGY
"...thank you for your SOUL

"...that you POURED into Empower and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life!

"You changed OUR life and lives of many people for the BETTER!

"Lets look at this as small obstacle that I’m sure you gonna overcome very SOON.

"We are here for you man. We support you.

"EMPOWER is not going anywhere, we are not going anywhere.


~ Alex and Anna Zubarev

"It's rare to have the opportunity in one's career to see servant based leadership personified, and rarer still to see it exemplified through action.  Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe put the affiliates first in all they do, and it's an honor to serve in continuing the vision that they've started. Our corporate team has never been more prepared, more purposeful, and more powerful...and we're here to support you."
~ Jonathan "JCron" Cronstedt, CEO

UPDATE:   I got a message on Facebook that ‘the pink elephant in the room’ was -- did Sharpe get bought out?  How does he step down?  Is there a new Co-owner?  I thought it was a good point, and want to make sure that you have the right information, coming from us.  Sharpe approached us about the seriousness of his health issues and that he needed to step down from ownership of the company.  We talked through different ideas for several weeks, and then agreed that the company would buy his shares at an undisclosed price.  The deal was made with everyone’s best interests at heart.  The company will still be ran by David Wood, the Executive team, and the Mastermind Council --- there are no outside or conflicting interests involved.


- The EN Team

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